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Collaborate with the leading ATM provider
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We build the network, platforms and services that simplify the financial industry’s problems

Euronet develops and makes accessible the network, platforms and services that simplify the financial industry’s problems. Through diverse business segments and a portfolio of payment technology brands, we are able to meet the specific needs of each individual person or business. This allows economies, businesses and consumers to leverage the advances in payments technologies while increasing financial participation for all.

Starting in Central Europe in 1994 and growing to a global real-time digital and cash payments network with millions of touchpoints today, Euronet now moves money in all the ways consumers and businesses depend upon. This includes money transfers, credit/debit processing, ATMs, point-of-sale services, branded payments, currency exchange and more. With products and services in 200+ countries and territories provided through its own brand and branded business segments, Euronet and its financial technologies and networks make participation in the global economy easier, faster and more secure for everyone.

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The Euronet Worldwide Family

Learn about our 3 business segments: EFT, epay and Money Transfer

Though our EFT segment, Euronet deploys and operates our own ATMs worldwide. We provide ATM services for financial institutions and comprehensive electronic payment processing solutions. Leveraging our solution REN, we offer bespoke services that add physical and digital payment capabilities to our ATMs, including cardless cash withdrawals, cash deposits, QR code/barcode payments, money transfers, digital gift cards, along with multicurrency dispense and dynamic currency conversion facilities. Via Dolphin Debit Access we support financial institutions with a more efficient alternative to in-house ATM management.

Euronet Merchant Services is an entity designed to offer innovative services such as card acceptance, DCC solutions and tax refund. With our cross border license we can supply POS acquiring in all European countries. Our DCC capabilities allow us to provide a global solution. With offices in the UK, Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal we help businesses grow. Our APAC operation also provides Multi-Currency pricing to Banks, Acquirers and Multi-National Corporates.

Our epay segment has one of the largest retail network across Europe and Asia for the distribution of physical and digital third party content, including branded payments, mobile, and alternative payments. The capabilities, platforms, products, and solutions of epay cater to the changing consumer demand for content and payments in categories such as mobile, gaming, and entertainment. 

Our Money Transfer segment includes Ria Money Transfer (“Ria”), a global leader in the industry, offering their services at 507,000+ locations across 190+ countries with over 90% of payments delivered in real time. In addition Ria offers check cashing, bill payment, currency exchange and digital prepaid content in selected markets. Through our Dandelion solution, clients can get access to all the benefits of the Ria network including digital accounts, compliance, settlement and more with one contract, one API and one connection. Find Ria on Facebook | X

Xe, also part of the Money Transfer segment, provides comprehensive international money transfer and currency risk management (hedging) solutions. Their team of foreign exchange specialists work with UK businesses of all sizes to improve their FX outcomes. Find global content from our trusted currency experts on the XE Blog.

Careers at Euronet EFT

Working at Euronet EFT doesn’t just offer a job, it offers a career with a global payments provider that puts people at the heart of its business. Do you want to join a team of professionals who provide ATM solutions to millions of people 365 days a year?

Are you ready to contribute your expertise to a business that is built on entrepreneurial spirit and where everyone contributes to its success? If the answer is yes, then we want to hear from you!

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